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A motorcycle workshop has to be comfortable and adequate for both the mechanics who work there and the customers. This means that the rules of organisation and hospitality must be applied to every space within it.

Today, the motorcycle world is constantly evolving. Software is becoming increasingly sophisticated and motorcycles include more technology than ever before. This is going to change the technical and operational aspects of the motorcycle workshop business, so it is important to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment that not only mechanics will love but also will make motorcyclists feel at home.



KIRO, with the collaboration of DEA, sells and produces complete fit-outs, from equipment all the way toworkbenches.. DEA’s style is the perfect reflection of Italian design and style. Industrial processes certified by a quality system that is implemented year after year are a guarantee of high-standard and high-performance products and services. DEA furniture and equipment are engineered down to the smallest detail in order to deliver reliability and consistent quality over time.



Fitting out a workshopshouldn’t be taken lightly. It needs to be thought through with professional furniture and equipment, seeking and building on solutions together with the client. Take, for example, the choice of a motorcycle lift or a workbench: they must be suitable for the purpose, as well as offer safety, in order to optimise time and money, because in the end, a well-organised and tidy workshop adds to the overall value of the business.

It acts as a calling card of the workshop’s abilities and attention to detail, leaving a lasting impression.

This is why KIRO stands as a benchmark in themotorcycle workshop fit-out world and as a 360-degree partner, to advise you on the best furniture and space-filling solutions. We will provide the rightequipment to make manual work as accurate as possible, and this will translate into time and productivity gains.


We designed every product to beuniqueand a service that enhances that uniqueness.