motorcycle shock rebuilderIf you're a motorcycle shock rebuilder and suspension rebuilds are your bread and butter, making sure you achieve efficiency with each job is undoubtedly one of your top priorities.

In this article, we will aim to summarise the key elements to take into consideration when working with suspension systems, offering some tips to optimise the processes and workflows involving motorcycle shocks.

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The motorcycle shock rebuilder inside the workshop

The role of the motorcycle shock rebuilder within a workshop can be a delicate one.

Working on shocks is still strongly tied to a laboratory environment: a closely defined environment which requires extreme attention to detail.

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In order to succeed in transferring these dynamics into a broader context such as that of a workshop, careful planning and design of the spaces will be required which takes into account all the specific issues that motorcycle shock rebuilding entails.

To do so, and ensure that the motorcycle suspension workstation is as efficient as possible, certain considerations must be made:

  • Motorcycle shock rebuilding is a specific task which requires a dedicated space
  • This space must take into consideration the greatest issue encountered when carrying out this activity, in other words dispersion of oil 
  • The equipment used to carry out a careful and thorough motorcycle shock rebuild must be specific and made-to-measure

The workspace and dedicated furniture, particularly the workbench, must therefore be designed and laid out in a specific way, so that the motorcycle shock rebuilder can carry out their work accurately.

motorcycle shock rebuilder

What features does a motorcycle shock rebuild workbench require?

As previously mentioned, the dispersion of oil is the greatest problem that mechanics come up against during motorcycle shock rebuilds.

A suitable suspension workbench must therefore have the following components at a minimum:

  • A reduced depth worktop to ensure the mechanic can remain close to the bench and limit the dispersion of fluids
  • A perforated worktop for the oil to drain, along with a drip collection tray
  • A dedicated space for positioning custom machinery specific to these types of work – such as Andreani Group vacuums, for example – or to hold the oil container

motorcycle shock rebuilder

Other elements required for motorcycle shock overhauls which should be present on a suspension workbench are:

  • Tool storage drawer unit 
  • Perforated panels for hanging tools
  • Space for a vice

Another important consideration involves the choice of materials: as workstations frequently come into contact with oils and other fluids, choosing products made from stainless steel can be the best choice for effective cleaning and a long lifetime of the workstation.

Another strategic element for a motorcycle shock rebuilder to make their work ever-more efficient could be to incorporate a vehicle lift equipped with hatches at the front or rear.

This will make it possible to remove the fork from the bike without the need to take the vehicle off the lift, optimising both the timeframes and work methods.

By transferring the suspension from the bike to the workbench, the dispersion of fluids will be more limited and controlled, ensuring greater cleanliness and order in the work environment.

We have tried to identify all the elements required for a motorcycle shock rebuilder to carry out shock rebuilds in the most efficient manner possible.

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