Whether you’re transforming or reorganising your workshop or fitting it out from scratch, getting it styled according to your design and performance preferences is the best way to go to see your personal workshop concept turned into reality.

There are multiple advantages to having a 3D design:

  • After listening to what your ideal workshop looks like and analysing your needs, you will be presented with a project thought through in every detail to make the work space as practical as possible.
  • Attentive assessment of the actual space or the space still needing re-modulation.
  • Our team will walk you through everything you need to know, advising you on the best equipment and modular furniture solutions to choose.
  • You will get a real project of your motorcycle workshop: that way you will know exactly what it will look like. With KIRO you will live a unique experience, where material, design and functionality are the cornerstones of success and value of your workshop.


KIRO from Concept to Reality, because we’re always in the mood to create a well-organised and efficient workshop that is uniquely made just for You