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The success of a repair shop can also be measured by the level of customer satisfaction, and in order to ensure that it offers high-performance work that lives up to expectations, suitable and customised motorcycle repair shop equipment is required.

Furniture forms an important part of this equipment.

Let’s see in more detail.

Basic furniture for the motorcycle repair shop

The design phase for the renovation or construction of a repair shop is also crucial to define in detail the furniture needed and the most optimal space in which to place it.

When developing the project with a professional, it is important to remember some specific categories of furniture that should not be missing from your motorcycle repair shop.

Let’s see them below.

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As a first step, it is essential to have a large work surface, which can support all the movements and operations required by mechanics.

It is essential that it be made of sturdy materials to withstand any bumps or clumsy leaning of heavy tools, without getting damaged.

In addition, it may be functional to decide to develop the bench according to the specific activity that will be carried out on its surface, as in the case of the suspension machining bench.

In such cases, you may also consider adding specific modules to facilitate the activity, such as a piece-washing tank for example.


motorcycle repair shop



Drawer cabinets are a practical solution for organizing and storing tools, utensils, spare parts, screws and bolts, as well as documents, folders, and stationery. Functionality lies primarily in the ample size of the drawers, which must be easy to open fully without risk of disassembly.

In addition, the use of dampened slides, full openings and ergonomic handles ensures a smooth user experience.



Carts are essential tools for facilitating the transport of tools from one work area to another or between different locations within the shop. To ensure smooth and smooth movements, carts should be equipped with sturdy swivel wheels, two of which should have brakes if possible, corner guards and a locking system built into the handle, ensuring safe and smooth handling at all times.

It is also important to assess the load capacity of each cart in order to be able to handle heavy loads.


Ecological containers

A well-organised and clean working environment is essential, especially in a repair shop.

Ecological containers offer a practical and sustainable solution for keeping things tidy. They can be either on the cart or pop-up, with 2 or 4 compartments and with or without top opening.


Fluid and energy distribution

Finally, an essential element of motorcycle repair shop equipment concerns the distribution of fluids and energy.

It is essential to have dedicated units to handle elements such as oil, waste oil, water and air.


In addition to these elements, it is also important to assess the location, characteristics and construction materials of the lifting bridges, another centrepiece of an efficient motorcycle repair shop.

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