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Motorcycle suspensions are one of the central elements of a performing motorcycle.

They ensure a comfortable ride, stabilise the moving vehicle and actively contribute to rider safety.

Suspension maintenance is therefore crucial.

How can a workshop optimise it?

The answer lies in having a bench dedicated to this specific work.

Read on to find out more.

The importance of motorcycle suspensions

Before going into detail, it is useful to remember why suspensions are so important.

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These components absorb impact from the road, allowing the rider to maintain control of the motorcycle in all conditions.

Suspensions in excellent condition ensure smooth driving, prevent premature wear of other components and reduce the risk of accidents.


Performing a role so subject to shock and tension, it is highly important that these components are periodically serviced.

But what makes a workshop an excellent one?

The suspension workbench is the answer.


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The central role of a motorcycle suspensions workbench

Each sector professional knows how complex working on suspensions is.

These components require precision, attention and often delicate handling. Here’s why a specialist bench can make a difference:

  • Precision and specificity: a suspension workbench is especially designed for this type of work. This means that it offers mounts, equipment and accessories designed to operate with maximum precision on suspensions.
  • Safety: working on suspensions involves handling tensioned springs, fluids and other components that may pose a risk if not handled properly. A specialist bench minimises these risks, ensuring a safe work environment.
  • Efficiency: with a dedicated workstation, mechanics can better organise the work flow, avoiding unnecessary movement and avoiding wasting time looking for tools, for example. This means reduced intervention times and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Training: use of a suspension workbench often involves specific training. This raises the level of skill of the motorcycle workshop, offering a precise and specialist service for customers.

How can I recognise a quality bench?


The fundamental parts of a motorcycle suspension bench

One of the main problems suspension experts encounter every day is the dispersion of fork oil in the workspace.

motorcycle suspensions

A suspension workbench should therefore have the following:

  1. stainless steel worktop to facilitate working with fluids
  2. drawers for storage of work tools
  3. perforated panels for hanging tools
  4. hooks for hanging sprays and canisters
  5. stainless steel drip collection tray
  6. perforated stainless steel worktop for oil drainage
  7. double door cabinet for oil container or use as storage space
  8. reduced depth central worktop for the mechanic to work more easily near the bench
  9. dedicated vice space

Once you have integrated a specific bench in the workshop, preferably through customised design, the real work begins.

It is not enough to have the right equipment: it is essential to know how to use it at its best.

First of all, it is important to remember that every tool, no matter how advanced, needs regular maintenance.

It is therefore essential to take the time to inspect the bench, clean it and, if necessary, update some of its parts. This will ensure operational efficiency is maintained over time.

However, we must not stop at maintenance alone.

The motorcycle suspensions sector is constantly evolving and, as sector professionals, it is fundamental to always move with the latest developments.

Attending training courses and specific workshops not only allows you to use the bench to its fullest potential, but also offer a suspensions maintenance service at the forefront, responding to the needs of the most modern motorcycles.

Finally, one aspect that is sometimes overlooked, but which has great practical importance, is the organisation of the work area around the bench.

A well-organised, tidy workstation makes operations smoother and reduces the risk of errors or accidents.

The tools must be accessible and each instrument must have its place. This not only speeds up the work, but also conveys an image of professionalism and care given to the customer who, on seeing an orderly workshop, will perceive the attention and skill involved in servicing their motorcycle.

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