9 - BlogFor a motorbike workshop, the motorcycle lift table is the heart of its operatios.

Ensuring that it is strategically integrated into the space, is of the highest quality, and reflects the concrete requirements of the mechanics is fundamental to improving the efficiency and productivity of the workshop.

Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about motorbike lifts, and how best to incorporate them in your workshop.

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Why an efficient motorcycle lift table is essential

At least 85% of a motorbike repair shop's work revolves around the motorcycle lift table.

Given the key role that this tool covers, achieving the highest possible levels of efficiency, allowing the mechanics to work as safely as possible and obtaining impressive performance requires the lift to meet certain guidelines and offer specific features.

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Correctly incorporating a vehicle lift within the working space of a repair shop on the basis of the workflows and the mechanics’ concrete requirements is essential to get the most from this tool.

The most strategic choice, following analysis and planning of the spaces, is to position the motorbike lift as close as possible to the workbench, taking care however to leave sufficient space for the mechanic to move around.

This proximity is important to save time during work operations, and contributes to maintaining cleanliness and order in the work zone.

A practical example of the operation of this type of device is suspension work: if the motorbike lift – preferably equipped with hatches – is positioned near the suspension workbench, the quantity of oils and fluids spilled in the working area will be significantly reduced, ensuring a cleaner and tidier workstation, and more precise work.

Another important aspect to consider during positioning of the lift in the workshop is its placement on the ground. From this point of view, we can distinguish between two types of lift:

  • Recessed
  • Non-recessed

Both have different pros and cons – let's take a look!

Recessed vehicle lifts are perfect for eliminating any – even slight – difference in level which can be created between the ramp and the floor. This makes loading and unloading of the vehicle faster and safer.

To do so, however, it will be necessary to carry out excavation works in the floor of the workshop, which are not always possible.

Non-recessed vehicle lifts, on the other hand, are installed directly on top of the floor, avoiding the above-mentioned excavation works.

This type of lift, however, when it comes to loading and unloading the motorbike, is limited by the use of its ramp and the minimum height from the ground that the lift is able to reach: the lower this height, the easier and safer the vehicle handling will be.

Types ofmotorcycle lift table

If we look at the technological innovations in the motorbike sector over the last few decades, we can identify two main types of motorbike lift:

  • Traditional motorbike lifts
  • Modern motorbike lifts

Let’s take a look at the main features of each type, and what sets them apart.

Traditional motorbike lifts are characterised by:

  • Movement generated manually via pedal pump
  • Smaller platforms without hatches 
  • Safety system requiring manual locking 
  • Static ramp 

This type of lift guarantees that the work can be carried out, but requires physical effort on the part of the mechanic – for example for the use of the pedal pump.

Added to this is a minimum height above ground with the lift closed and a maximum height that the lift can reach which is often not ideal in terms of working in complete safety.

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IMG_2553 (1)

Modern motorbike lifts, on the other hand, offer the following features:

  • Movement generated by electrohydraulic power pack 
  • Large platforms with front and rear hatches 
  • Always-on electrohydraulic safety system
  • Retractable ramp

With the ability to control the lift's movements with dedicated commands, the physical effort required of the mechanic is significantly reduced.

The minimum height with the lift fully lowered – ideal for loading even the heaviest bikes with ease, as there is a small difference in level from the floor; and the maximum height – greater than one metre from the ground, facilitate the mechanic's work. 

Now we’ll take a closer look at the impact that all these features have on the safety of the worker when using the vehicle lift.


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Safety Aspects

Safe working in the repair shop is fundamental.

When it comes to vehicle lifts, the main aspects regarding safety concern:

  • How the movement is generated
  • The minimum and maximum heights
  • The build quality and quality of materials
  • Whether or not any accessories are included

As previously mentioned, the movement of a lift can be generated manually via a pedal, or else electrically.

The main difference between these two methods lies in the precision of the results which can be achieved, and the safety systems which can be implemented.

The manual method, as it is under the full control of the mechanic, is less safe and more subject to errors or malfunctions – created, for example, by imprecise positioning of the teeth for locking the lift.

The electrical or electrohydraulic method, on the other hand, offers more precise performance and is equipped with a safety system which reduces the risk of error.

The minimum and maximum heights offered by the lift, on the other hand, affect two different aspects: the first has a significant impact on the ease and stability with which a vehicle can be loaded onto the lift. The closer the lift is to the ground, the easier the loading and unloading operations will be, preventing loss of control and potential accidents due to falls.

The second, on the other hand, affects the physical safety of the mechanics: the higher the lift is able to be raised off the ground, the more upright the mechanic's working position can be, preventing potential back problems.

85MM (1)

As regards the quality of the materials used, a motorcycle lift table built with solid, high-quality materials will be reliable and stable, guaranteeing the mechanics a safe tool with which to carry out precise and accurate work.

Finally, accessories for the lift can be a strategic benefit in terms of safety; here are some examples:

  • Slots for attaching safety straps
  • Front and rear hatches to avoid excessive vehicle movements
  • Emergency button to provide or cut power to the lift
  • Retractable ramp to decrease the overall footprint of the lift

Types of Use

As previously illustrated, the vehicle lift is the linchpin of an efficient repair shop.

Ensuring you have safe, cutting-edge tools which are perfectly integrated in your shop's workflows is key to increasing efficiency.

It is also important to highlight the use of these tools in DIY situations, however, primarily by enthusiasts who wish to service and upgrade their bikes at home.

When choosing the motorcycle lift table which best suits your needs and requirements for a home workshop, it is advisable to pay close attention to the safety aspects, as well as, of course, the cost.

An Italian-made lift will be sure to meet all the requirements outlined above.

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