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Starting up or renovating a motorbike workshop is a process which, when carried out alongside an expert partner, can revolutionise a company's internal processes and have a significant impact on profitability.

In this article, we will further analyse all the elements to take into consideration before you decide whether to begin a construction or modernisation project.

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What does today's motorcycle workshop represent?

The motorcycle workshop is maybe the place which best represents the attention to detail and precision characteristic of the entire motorbike sector.

The motorcycling sector is, indeed, still very attached to its history and traditional work processes. It is often the case that motorbike workshops will go very long periods of time without refitting or modernisation.

Therefore, deciding to start up a new workshop or modernise one you are already in possession of - so that you can achieve the highest levels of efficiency and offer your customers an ever-higher level of quality - presupposes a major change in perspective.

It is important to take into consideration all the innovations which are becoming popular in the sector and understand that they can be useful to the work performed by the mechanics and how to implement them in the most functional possible manner.

We will now further analyse some things which are useful to take into consideration before proceeding with the construction or modernisation of a workshop.

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Knowing and Designing the Space

The first step in creating your new motorbike workshop is in-depth knowledge of the space which will house it.

Considering the individual areas and the space as a whole is essential for the subsequent design phase, which is fundamental for achieving maximum efficiency.

There are three main categories of space:

  • Vertical - the walls
  • Horizontal - the floors
  • Free - those not occupied by furniture or other equipment

motorbike workshop

And what about the floors?

It is equally important to consider the floor coverings.

The most common choices are tiles or resin, which offer different characteristics.

Tiles can be useful for dividing the work areas, are suitable for pits for vehicle lifts, are simple to replace, tough, and easy to clean.

Resin is a delicate material, it tends to absorb stains more and requires complex processes to replace it. Despite this, it is easy to maintain and lends uniformity to the space.

All these prior considerations involving knowledge of the space and the design are key in creating an efficient workshop, and will subsequently allow you to best organise the workflows: from the moment the customer comes into the workshop to when they leave with their vehicle.

Improving the efficiency of the workflows is key in terms of the workshop's profitability: the more efficient the flows, the greater the profit.

But how to start out with these considerations?

Begin with your concrete requirements: the specific activities performed in the workshop, for example linked to the use of motorbike tyre changers or test benches, the needs of the mechanics, and the difficulties encountered in the workshop.

Motorbike workshop equipment and furniture

Once the design of your workshop has been established, it is time to move on to the equipment required and the furniture which is best suited to the needs of your workshop.

We have identified some components which are essential for any efficient workshop:

  • Vehicle lifts
  • Workstations and furniture
  • Exhaust fumes extraction systems 
  • New oil dispensing systems and used oil management systems

Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Vehicle lifts

In order to achieve the highest levels of productivity in the workshop, cutting-edge modern vehicle lifts are essential.

Unlike traditional ones, they offer the following characteristics:

  • Electric movement
  • Boards with front and rear hatches 
  • Always-on electrohydraulic safety system
  • Retractable ramp which follows the movement of the lift without creating obstructions
  • Lift height of 8 cm when closed
  • Maximum height of 1.30 m

motorbike test bench

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Other very important aspects are the robustness and the weight of the vehicle lift.

The ideal lift is made with high-quality materials using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, is tough, and features a substantial frame.

The quality and design of lifts manufactured in Italy can represent added value.

Other key elements when choosing a vehicle lift are:

  • Minimum height when closed - the smaller this is, the less space they take up
  • Maximum height - the greater this is, the easier it will be for the mechanics to work with the vehicles on the lift
  • Movement - whether this is generated via a pedal pump or with an electrohydraulic unit
  • Hatches - when present, these facilitate the wheel installation and removal operations without the need to move the vehicle from the lift

Workstations and furniture

In the case of workstations too, basing your choices on the concrete requirements of the everyday activities is the best choice for creating genuinely functional workspaces.

Workstations are composed of two key main elements:

  • Workshop workbench
  • Tool storage furniture

The internal organisation of these elements is at the discretion of the user, although the end goal is always to achieve a clean and tidy workspace.

In this case too, cleanliness and tidiness can have a significant effect on the workflows, and as a consequence on the productivity and turnover of the company.

In addition to the organisation of the individual workstation, it is also necessary to evaluate the common areas shared by the mechanics in order to understand how to manage them so that each can best carry out their work even when sharing the space and, where applicable, tools.

The choice of materials is also key in the creation of a long-term design.

For example, in the case of a workbench for overhauling suspension systems, it is preferable to choose a stainless-steel worktop, as this is easy to clean and does not absorb stains.

workshop workbench

Keeping the same example, it is possible to customise the workshop workbench with specific features for carrying out this activity, such as a shallow central module in order to allow the operative to get as close as possible, or to equip the bench with perforated worktops and drip trays for collecting oils and other fluids.

Exhaust fumes extraction systems

In workshops, vehicles must often be kept running on a test bench during maintenance operations; in these situations, an exhaust fumes extraction system is essential.

As well as being harmful to the mechanics’ health, the exhaust fumes also make the work more difficult and less safe.

This is why installing extraction systems which carry the gas away directly from the vehicles’ exhaust pipes is a far-sighted choice.

motorbike workshop equipmentThe best option is to install a modern extraction system equipped with magnetic systems which offer:

  • Compatibility with all exhausts
  • Height adjustment
  • Horizontal adjustment

New oil dispensing systems and used oil management systems

Installing new oil dispensing systems and used oil management systems which are efficient and sized to meet the workshop's requirements will optimise the space occupied by the equipment, making the working area neat and tidy.

Moreover, a modern fluid management system allows for the following:

  • Improved management of stocks
  • Faster filling and topping-up operations
  • Limiting and optimising costs

motorbike workshop

We have therefore seen that, in order to create your new motorbike workshop or to modernise an existing one, there are some essential elements which, when inserted strategically in the available space, can also play a key part in improving the efficiency and productivity of the entire workshop.

In order to guarantee optimisation of your space and creation of efficient work environments, having a partner that is an expert in the sector is more important than ever.

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