motorcycle lift

Furniture plays a fundamental role in the motorcycle workshops sector to ensure efficiency and safety during maintenance and repair on two wheels.

Of the most essential elements, the motorcycle lift is definitely to the fore.

There are different types of lifts on the market, each with distinct characteristics and advantages.

This article explores the main types of lifts on the market, offering a guide to choosing the best solution for your needs.

Read on to find out more.

Choosing the most suitable motorcycle lift

Before analysing the different types of motorcycle lift available on the market, it is important to highlight that the most important parameter to evaluate during selection is the extent to which a specific model adapts to the workshop and mechanics’ needs.

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It is fundamental that the lift makes work more agile, thus contributing to the growth of the business and also positively affecting performance.

To make the right choice, it is important to firstly analyse certain characteristics of the lift, usually indicated on the data sheet of this type of product, such as:

  • Load capacity: it must be higher than the weight of the heaviest bike to lift. In general the lifts range in capacity from a minimum of 250 Kg to 600 Kg
  • Height: the maximum height usually varies from 85 to 100 cm. Anyone who is very tall is advised to get the extra height, to avoid arching the back as much as possible and to work more comfortably
  • Platform: there are generally two types of platform measurements. One is made to accommodate small vehicles and the other to accommodate all motorcycle types
  • Power supply : most motorcycle lifts are activated via a manual or hydro-pneumatic pedal pump, however some models allow you to lift and lower the lift using an electro-hydraulic system.
  • Optional: consider according to requirements. The most common are: the front clamp, the setup for safety straps, front or rear titling gates and an accidental fall arrest lock.

Having clarified these aspects, let’s further analyse the types of motorcycle lift on the market.


Scissors motorcycle lift

The scissors motorcycle lift is one of the most common and versatile types.  

This type of lift has a scissors-shaped structure, with a lifting platform located between the two legs. The fixing points for the motorcycle are usually located on the upper side of the platform.

This type of lift can be used for a wide range of motorcycle models and can be equipped with various types of wheel locks and hardware extensions.

They are very easy to use and thanks to the compact structure take up less space than other types, making them ideal for workshops with limited space.


Hydraulic lift

The motorcycle hydraulic lift is really very easy to use.

In fact, it has a pedal that allows you to lift to the desired height.

The advantage of this pedal system is that it allows use even where there is no electricity socket.


Electric lift

The electric motorcycle lift is very practical.

A simple button is all you need to start the lift.


Lowered lift

There are some lifts that, once completely lowered, take up very little space. This is an innovative, intelligent and compact solution, as choosing a lowered lift saves money on the construction work needed for ground recess positioning of the product.

Before deciding, it is important to carefully assess the characteristics of each type of lift and consider how they adapt to your daily operations.

Investing in a quality motorcycle lift is essential to ensure a safe and efficient working environment in your motorcycle workshop. Consult our experts to understand which type would work best for you.

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