Motorcycle lift

The motorcycle lift is a key element in any specialist garage.

It allows you to lift the motorcycle, facilitating access to all its parts and making every intervention easier and more accurate.

However, like any tool, the lift also needs care and attention to guarantee its efficiency over time and, above all, the operator’s safety.

In this article, we will discuss how to carry out maintenance.

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The importance of maintenance of the motorcycle lift

Maintenance of a lift is not just a routine task, but an essential component to ensure the functionality, reliability and longevity of the tool.

Preventive maintenance, carried out with consistency and attention to detail, can prove to be a life-saving investment, guaranteeing operator safety and preventing costly repairs or replacements in the future.

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A well maintained lift not only operates more efficiently, but also reduces the risk of unexpected malfunctions that could compromise the operations of a motorcycle garage and, in some cases, the condition of the vehicle being repaired.

On the other hand, a neglected lift can lead to operational inconvenience, delays and potential safety risks.

In addition, regular maintenance maintains the structural integrity of the lift, preventing progressive wear and tear from affecting its performance. This is particularly important when considering a lift is subject to considerable mechanical stress during its operating life, due to the weight of the motorcycles and the dynamic stresses during the lifting and lowering operations.

Another aspect to consider is economic optimisation.

While it may seem like an additional cost, investing in lift maintenance leads to significant savings in the long run.

Avoiding serious damage or the need to completely replace the tool represents a tangible return on investment.

In addition, a lift in excellent condition can improve operating efficiency, allowing mechanics to work faster, reducing workshop downtime.

Lastly, proper lift maintenance reflects the workshop’s commitment to professional standards. Meticulous care of the equipment conveys a message of competence, reliability and customer care, strengthening the reputation of the workshop and building confidence in the service offered.


Steps for efficient motorcycle lift maintenance


Periodic visual inspection

The first step in proper maintenance is visual inspection.

It is good practice to inspect the lift for signs of wear, cracks, corrosion or oil leakage. Elements such as screws, bolts and moving parts must be checked to ensure they are well secured and in good condition.


Lubrication of components

Lubrication is essential to keep the moving parts of the lift in perfect working order.

It is advisable to use a high-quality lubricant, applying it regularly to hinges, screws and other contact points. This will reduce friction and wear, ensuring a longer life of the equipment.


Cleaning and preservation

The motorcycle lift can accumulate dust, dirt and oil residue.

Regularly cleaning the surface with a damp cloth and, if necessary, with a mild detergent, will help keep the equipment in excellent condition and prevent corrosion.


Hydraulic system testing

If the lift is hydraulic, it is crucial to regularly check the system.

This includes checking the hydraulic oil level, making sure there are no leaks and that the oil is clean. In the event of faults or if the oil appears dirty, you may need to replace it.


motorcycle lift

Functionality testing

Approximately every month, it is good practice to carry out a complete lifting test, with no load and then with a weight, to verify the lift is working properly.

This will allow you to detect any faults or malfunctions before they can become serious issues.


Safety first and foremost

Always ensure the motorcycle lift is used safely and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This means never exceeding the maximum permitted weight and always use the specific anchorage points when the motorcycle is raised.


Professional periodic maintenance

It is advisable to have the lift examined by a professional or a specialist technician at least once a year.

He can carry out thorough checks, replace used or damaged parts and ensure the equipment meets all safety standards.

The motorcycle lift is a valuable ally for every mechanic and garage, but like any tool, it needs attention and care. Regular and accurate maintenance will not only ensure a longer service life of the equipment, but also user safety. Devote time and energy to caring for your lift, and it will be a reliable companion for many years to come.

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