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Why do we talk so often about maintenance in the two wheels sector?

Motorcycle maintenance is a fundamental aspect both to ensure the safety of the driver and to prolong the life of the vehicle.

In this context, the use of a motorcycle lift proves to be an indispensable operation, offering a practical and efficient solution to carry out checks and maintenance interventions with ease and precision.

This is the subject of today's article, with a brief focus on the importance of maintenance of the lift itself.

Why is it important to equip the workshop with a suitable motorcycle lift?

A motorcycle lift not only raises the motorcycle to a level satisfactory to the mechanic, eliminating the need for uncomfortable or potentially dangerous positions, but also allows easy access to all parts of the vehicle during the operation.

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Through careful and regular maintenance, we can not only ensure the best performance of the motorbike, but also fully enjoy the riding experience.

When choosing a lift, it is essential to consider several key factors that influence both the safety and effectiveness of the equipment in the long term, including:

  • lifting capacity and compatibility
  • stability and safety
  • additional functionalities and accessories

Therefore, the choice of a lift requires careful evaluation.

Compromises on aspects such as safety and compatibility can not only make maintenance more difficult, but also expose the mechanics to unnecessary risks and negatively affect the profitability of the workshop.

The adaptability of the lift to the specific needs of a workshop is another crucial aspect in the choice of this tool.

Each workshop has its own peculiarities - from the size of the work area to the variety of motorcycles to work on making it essential to choose a lift that not only adapts to these conditions, but also optimises workflows.

A versatile lift can make the difference between a smooth maintenance operation and a laborious one, directly affecting efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction.

Investing in a product that adapts to your needs not only improves the quality of the service offered, but also contributes to maintaining high safety standards, ensuring that each bike is assisted in the most appropriate and professional way possible.


Motorcycle lift: tips on how to best use it

As we have previously pointed out, the lift is an essential tool for maintenance and using it correctly not only guarantees safety but also optimises the time and quality of interventions.

So here are some tips:

Steps to safely lift the motorbike:

  • Preparation: make sure that the lift is on a stable and level surface. Check that there are no damages or malfunctions.
  • Motorcycle positioning: take the motorcycle to the centre of the bridge. Use the anchor points to secure the vehicle in place, taking care not to damage sensitive parts such as pipes or cables.
  • Lifting: operate the lifting mechanism following the specific instructions of the model. Lift the motorcycle to the desired height, making sure it is stable and safe before starting any maintenance work.

The maintenance operations made easier with the use of the lift can be different.

The main ones include:

  • oil change
  • cleaning and maintenance of the chain
  • replacement of brakes
  • inspection and maintenance of suspensions

About the latter, we have written an in-depth article on our blog in which we analyse the importance of offering an optimal motorcycle suspension review and how this service can attract new customers for your workshop.

You can read it here.

Motorcycle lift

When it comes to efficient maintenance, we cannot overlook the importance of safety practices and the conscious use of available tools, starting with the use of personal protective equipment.

Even suitable gloves, goggles and clothing can make a difference, not only protecting against possible injuries, but also increasing efficiency at work, since working safely also means working with greater peace of mind and concentration.

Another fundamental operation is to ask ourselves if we check the status of our lift enough. 

A thorough periodic check and a general check before each use is more than a good practice; it is a real lifesaver.

Even a quick check can reveal any malfunctions or damage that, if ignored, could result in accidents. This simple gesture not only protects the mechanics and the motorcycle, but also strengthens confidence in the overall safety of the working environment.

Last but not least, there is the matter of the weight.

Every lift has a limit and respecting it is not just a recommendation.

Exceeding the maximum permitted weight is not only a safety risk but can also compromise the integrity of the lift itself and the motorcycle.

Following the manufacturer's instructions regarding the maximum load is a guarantee not only for the life of the equipment but also for the safety of the vehicle and the operator.

Therefore, maintaining an efficient maintenance routine requires attention not only to the details of the work being carried out, but also to the context in which one operates, including the tools used and the safety standards to be followed.

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