Motorcycle lift

The motorcycle lift is a key tool for achieving the highest levels of efficiency in a workshop.

Not only must it fully meet the practical needs of your mechanics, but when equipped with the most appropriate accessories, it can also facilitate their work and become a strategic aid.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of these accessories.

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Why accessorise your motorcycle lift?

As mentioned in the introduction, the motorcycle lift is the central element of any workshop, the main hub for all the different essential jobs to perform.

This is why it is so important to obtain expert help to precisely define its position within the workshop layout, in accordance with the workflows, and to ensure that the lift meets the concrete needs of the mechanics.

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As well as this, a lifting platform built with solid, certified materials will also prove to be a good long-term investment, with a significant effect on the ROI.

Once the lift therefore begins playing a key role within the workshop's economy, you can think about taking it to the next level thanks to a range of strategic accessories which will simplify the mechanics’ work and make it more efficient.

Have you ever had difficulty loading/unloading bikes onto/from the lift? Or even had a bike fall during these operations?

How many times have you wished you could work on the suspension or the wheels with the vehicle loaded on the lift, without needing to take it off first?

Do you think that your workshop should be a healthy environment? Or have you frequently noticed exhaust gas leakage?


Let's take a detailed look at the accessories which can help you to optimise your work in the shop.

Accessories for a motorcycle lift


Hatches – both front and rear – can facilitate all operations involving specific work to be performed on or around the wheels.

Thanks to these openings in the platform, the mechanic can install and remove components more easily without having to frequently load and unload the vehicle onto/from the lift, not only saving time and energy, but also making the work safer.


Ramps are very important in making it easier to load and unload the bike onto/from the lift.

Unless you decide to recess the equipment into the floor to provide a flush installation, there will be a difference in level between the lift and the floor, which can be a trip hazard and cause accidents due to loss of control, which can even lead to the vehicle falling.

Does your lift's ramp represent an obstacle when working? Does it allow you to easily load and unload the vehicle, or do you notice deformation of the materials after a certain number of uses?

motorcycle lift

Wheel clamp 

Wheel clamps are a very simple accessory which can help prevent a range of accidents linked to the potential instability of the bike when it is on the raised lift.

Thanks to this accessory, the wheel is made safe, ensuring the bike on the lift is stable and stationary.

Magnetic adapter

An aspect which is often overlooked when talking about optimising a workshop is exhaust fume management.

If you frequently work with engines running, the risk of polluting the workspace with exhaust fumes is very high, with effects both on the health of the operatives and on the general health and hygiene of the workshop.

For this reason, a magnetic adapter with bracket to be positioned on the lift can be very useful.

This accessory, when correctly positioned, will indeed be able to capture the fumes before they are dispersed into the environment.

Equipping your motorcycle lift with some specific accessories can be a strategic choice both in terms of increasing efficiency, and in facilitating your mechanics’ work.

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