motorcycle lift table

When remodelling a motorcycle repair shop or building a new one from scratch, the design stage is crucial because you have to identify the solutions that will best help you maximise the space you have.

One of the decisions to make is the position of the motorcycle lifting table.

In the article, we explore why recessing it might be the best strategy.

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The central role of a motorcycle lift table

Remodelling a motorcycle repair shop or building a new one from scratch is a significant investment which is why having a team of professionals who KNOW how to do the job is not only important but essential.

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The design stage plays a central role in this process because it enables operators to envision the space and take advantage of every metre square for the business's maximum efficiency and margins.

For this reason, design should be entrusted to expert professionals who:

  • know your sector inside out
  • have proven design skills
  • know how to listen to customers
  • know how to meet the needs of the shop

Top-level design is always easy to spot: a structural and flow analysis precedes the definition of the work areas.

To define the specific work areas and establish which activities to assign to each one, you first have to get an accurate idea of what the ideal workflow will be for the customer inside the space.

It is at this stage that the decision of where to position the motorcycle lift table is made.

This particular piece of equipment represents the heart of an efficient repair shop and its position can directly impact overall productivity – in a positive or negative way.

Generally speaking, the best place for the lift table is near the workbenches. This lets operators work quickly and easily.

Moreover, keeping the lift table and workbench close to each other helps maintain the work space organised and clean; the spread of liquids on the floor is avoided – when moving suspensions from the motorcycle to the workbench, for example; and mechanics will have the repair tools they need always on hand, which prevents productivity losses, not to mention loss of the tools.

motorcycle lift table


Strategic positioning of the motorcycle lift table

Once the area for the motorcycle lift table has been identified, there are a number of other considerations related to the structure of the table to keep in mind.

Motorcycle lift tables can reach different minimum and maximum heights, both important for various reasons:

  • with a high maximum height, mechanics can work in an erect position and avoid back problems
  • a reduced minimum height keeps the lift very close to ground, helping to prevent motorcycle falls due to loss of control during loading and unloading

Let’s focus on the minimum height for now: the difference in level between the floor and the lift will never be eliminated altogether, not even if the lift is fitted with ramps.

This is why deciding to recess your repair shop lifts might prove to be a strategic choice.

Creating a recessed area in the floor to accommodate the lift is undoubtedly the most aesthetically attractive solution; however, it also brings the risk of accidents mentioned above practically down to zero.

With the lift flush with the floor, motorcycle loading and unloading operations will go quicker and smoother, making things safer for the mechanic and significantly reducing accidents, which can directly affect the customer’s satisfaction and the productivity of the repair shop.

If you’re thinking about remodelling or building a new motorcycle repair shop and want to turn to an expert partner with a proven track record in design, book your free consultation with one of our technicians. We’ll be happy to listen to your needs and together develop a custom project just for you.

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