motorcycle suspensionWhy is it essential to have a dedicated workbench specifically for working on motorcycle suspension? And why is it a good idea to install one in your workshop?

We’ll try to answer these questions in today's article.

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Why working on motorcycle suspension is important

Motorcycle suspension is a key component for the proper operation of the vehicle, and one on which its performance depends.

The suspension is key in ensuring a safe, stable and comfortable ride, allowing the rider to take on road conditions effectively and enjoy a better riding experience.

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Some of the main purposes of these components are:

  • absorbing shocks
  • ensuring good handling
  • adapting to road conditions
  • distributing the weight
  • ride comfort

As the suspension is a key component of any well-performing motorcycle, it is essential for workshops to be ready to carry out targeted, high-quality work on it.

This requires specific equipment which meets the requirements for such work – a suspension workstation.


The ideal motorcycle suspension workstation

A good workbench is essential for any regular work performed on motorcycle suspension, as it can make operations safer and more efficient.

Have you ever wondered how to keep your workstation tidier while working, avoiding the spread of oil and other fluids?

Have you ever felt the need for a customised space to carry out specific operations?

Do you think you need to ensure a cleaner and tidier workstation and tools?

A workbench is essential for working on suspension for different reasons:


Suspension is heavy and requires a robust surface on which to work. A good workbench provides a stable surface able to bear the weight of the components, preventing them moving or falling during the work.

Appropriate height

The workbench should be at the correct height to allow the mechanic to work comfortably, without their back or arms becoming strained or tired. This is particularly important when working on suspension, as it is often necessary to apply a lot of force to loosen or tighten nuts or bolts.


A strategic workbench design will allow users to keep their tools and components organised and to hand, helping save time during the work and preventing the spread of items and fluids.

motorcycle suspension


A dedicated suspension workstation helps avoid cluttering the workspace with tools and components that could be a trip hazard, improving the level of safety of the work.

What’s more, being a workbench for a specific job, it is also important to equip it with dedicated tools – for example drainage surfaces and tool storage compartments – and ensure that it is built from high-quality materials which will not wear out too easily over time and with use.

Another important factor is the position of the workbench, which can be established more precisely following careful analysis of the space and the workflows.

During the renovation or construction of a workshop, the design phase often takes second place, when it should instead represent the first important step in creating an efficient, high-performance workshop.


if you want to experience the added value of a thorough design phase, watch this video in which Simone Agazzi, owner of RS Moto – the Honda dealer for the Italian city of Bergamo and surrounding area – talks about the design for the workshop of the future which we came up with together:



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