motorcycle tyre changerMotorcycle tyre changers are a tool which has taken on ever-greater importance in repair shops over the years, to the point where they are now irreplaceable.

After a brief general overview, in this article we will analyse the characteristics of the different types of tyre changers available on the market, and try to provide some tips for choosing the most suitable one for your repair shop.

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What is a motorcycle tyre changer?

A motorcycle tyre changer is a tool for removing and installing tyres from/onto wheel rims.

It is an essential tool in the day-to-day operations of a motorcycle repair shop, as it allows tyres to be removed and installed quickly, preventing slowdowns in work.

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With advances in wheel design and the introduction of ever-more sophisticated tyres, it is no longer possible for mechanics to remove the tyre from the rim using rudimentary methods – the need has arisen for a specific tool able to carry out this task without damaging either the inside or the outside of the tyre.

It is important to highlight that, as a tool able to apply significant amounts of force, a tyre changer is a very tough and robust device which represents a long-term investment.

How does a motorcycle tyre changer work?

Whether we are talking about manual or automatic tyre changers – a difference we will go into in the following paragraph – these tools are generally composed of four elements:

  • Base
  • Central shaft to hold the tyre
  • Rubber-covered jaws to hold the tyre
  • Turret with bead breaker

Once the wheel has been removed from the bike – which can be facilitated with the aid of a motorcycle lifting platform with hatch – the tyre is positioned on the tyre changer’s main shaft.

Following this, once the valve has been removed, the bead breaker is moved around the entire perimeter of the tyre until it is completely separated from the rim.

For optimal removal without damage, it is recommended to spread a special paste around the tyre before using the bead breaker.

As well as removal, tyre removers can also be used to install tyres, or for monitoring or removal of the tyre valve.

motorcycle tyre changer

How to integrate a motorcycle tyre changer into your repair shop

Organisation of a motorcycle repair shop’s spaces and workflows is essential in creating a high-performance environment in which mechanics can work to the best of their abilities and obtain optimum results both for the workshop and its customers.

For this reason, like for example when choosing a workbench, it is important to reflect on your concrete needs and requirements before deciding which type of tyre remover to incorporate in your repair shop, and where to position it to obtain the greatest benefit.

There are two main types of tyre removers:

  • Traditional
  • Automatic

Let’s take a closer look.

Traditional tyre removers are still today favoured by mechanics.

Despite the physical force required, they tend to be extremely tough tools with internal mechanisms which can be repaired directly in the event of faults, very often without the need for external support and avoiding the need to replace the entire piece of equipment.

Automatic tyre changers, on the other hand, are more practical and require less effort. Like all machines, however, they are also more delicate, and in the event of a fault, they can require a visit from a technician, or even direct replacement.

Which motorcycle tyre changer to choose?

There is no universal and unambiguous answer to this question.

In order to choose the perfect tyre remover, it is important to focus on your concrete requirements and the experience of your mechanics, bearing in mind that the best tyre remover is one which allows you to work quickly and accurately without leaving marks on the bodywork.

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