motorcycle shock rebuild

A motorcycle shock rebuild is an extremely delicate process which requires particular care and precision.

In addition to the specific expertise and experience of the mechanic, ensuring the workshop has the correct equipment to carry out this kind of work is key in ensuring the best results.

Keep reading to find out how to ensure your workshop's customers are always satisfied.

The motorcycle shock rebuilding process

As we mentioned at the beginning, motorcycle suspension work is a process which is as delicate as it is important.

It is important to remember that this type of servicing should be carried out at regular intervals, which primarily depend on the frequency of use of the bike.

In general, for bikes used on the road, the shocks should be rebuilt every two or three years, while for motorbikes for track use, on the other hand, it is recommended to carry out this procedure at the start of each season.

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Sometimes, simply deciding to equip your workshop with the equipment required to carry out suspension work in the most efficient manner possible is not sufficient to ensure customer satisfaction.

The mechanic indeed requires in-depth knowledge of all the phases of this process, more specifically:

  • Removing the fork from the bike
  • removal of the fork
  • Cleaning the individual parts
  • Replacing any worn components and changing the oil
  • Reassembly

As you can tell from all the different steps, suspension work is a process involving a range of different components, and if you do not aim to maintain the neatest and cleanest possible workstation, this can have negative repercussions on the workspace, and hence productivity.

For this reason, having the correct equipment to allow the mechanics to carry out their suspension work is essential for achieving customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a closer look.

motorcycle shock rebuild

Equipment for a motorcycle shock rebuild

As well as the specific tools needed to complete the individual operations, the cornerstone of efficient motorcycle suspension work is the workbench.

If you think about the workbench in your workshop, do you think it is ideal for achieving efficiency in all work processes?

Does it help the mechanic keep their workspace clean and tidy, while at the same time allowing them to work more nimbly and efficiently near the workbench?


A workbench for a motorcycle shock rebuild starts off with a base structure similar to that of a standard workbench, with doors and drawers for storing equipment, and perforated panels to hang up tools.

As a broad rule, structures made from solid materials will offer greater durability, making it a long-term investment.

Equally important is the presence of modules allowing for drainage of fluids, as they help ensure the space is kept clean and tidy, and the depth of the workbench which, by allowing the mechanic to work closer to it, helps avoid the spread of fluids and facilitates the work.

The presence of shelves and hooks for hanging sprays and cans can also help improve the operatives’ work.

Equipping your workshop with this kind of workbench will not only facilitate your employees’ work, but will also help improve general productivity and efficiency, with positive knock-on effects on customer satisfaction.

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